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Henry, English physician, 1799-1849. See: Burton line.
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Burton and Morgan, who have been in a relationship with each other since 2009, are already parents to their 7-year-old son Augustus.
Burton wrote his name into the Harrap's New Shorter French and English Dictionary and dated it 1977, which was seven years before his death in Celigny, Switzerland.
As Burton got up he also kicked out towards the pensioner although due to his drunken state it barely connected.
Fifth in the popular and successful children's series Friendship Tales from the Farm, "Burton Helps Dixie Duck" is a story of how Burton the Scarecrow and his farm friends help Dixie Duck find her seven precious lost duckling eggs.
WE'VE teamed up with leading men's clothing retailers Burton to offer you an exclusive preview of their Great British Style 25% off event.
We've teamed up with Burton to give you a whopping PS10 off a PS40 spend in store or online, giving you something to smile about today.
Ffilm a rhaglen ddogfen yn codi'r llen ar fywyd yr actor M AE ffilm newydd ar S4C dros y Nadolig yn codi cwestiynau am y berthynas rhwng yr actor byd enwog Richard Burton, a'i frawd hynaf, Ifor Jenkins.
The August Schell Brewing Company recently announced the release of the Burton Ale, an example of what the brewery calls "a nearly extinct style of beer.
I remember turning on the news and the BBC bulletin led by slowly unveiling the face of Richard Burton, dead at 58 from a cerebral haemorrhage.
While reading about the Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton love affair and their two marriages and divorces (to and from each other) in Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, And the Marriage of the Century (Illustrated, Harper/HarperCollins Publishers, 500 pages, $27.
Before they witness a suicide Burton Mike and Danny are more comfortable with their surfboards and skateboards than with emotional honesty or personal responsibility.