Burr Cells

Erythrocytes—red blood cells with regular spines or bumps on the surface—seen after venomous snake—crotalids/pit vipers—bites, uraemia, pyrokinase deficiency
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(Figures 1, 2) Also on day-2, erythrocytes began to show poikilocytosis with crenated forms and cytoplasmic spikes (burr cells, echinocytes).
Neutrophil Changes Erythrocyte Changes Cytoplasmic vacuoles Crenated (burr cells, echinocytes) Loss of granulations Spherocytes Elongated nuclei Elongated (elliptocytes) (loss of segmentation) Undefined chromatin Schistocytes (fragments) (appear liquefied) Pyknotic nuclei (necrobiotic) Hypochromic Cytoplasm rupture Smudge (basket) cells
Spiculated forms includes fragmented red cells, burr cells, acanthocytes, tear drop red cells and sickle cell.
A peripheral blood smear showed marked burr cells, reticulocytes, and a few schistocytes, at least one per high power field.
There was evidence of a few schistocytes and burr cells on smear with reticulocytosis, and evidence of hemolytic hemolysis.
They fulfilled the criteria for HUS [hemolytic anemia with microangiopathic changes, typical deformation of erythrocytes in the peripheral blood smear (Burr cells), acute renal failure, and thrombocytopenia] and presented with pneumonia or meningitis.
Red blood cell morphology was suggestive of a microangiopathic process: microscopic examination indicated that five of the eight infants had mild to moderate (1+ to 2+) hemolysis characterized by the presence of microcytes, burr cells, spherocytes, and bizarre fragments.
We've eliminated "occ'l" when describing elliptocytes, target cells, burr cells, schistocytes, acanthocytes, and teardrop cells.
Using the combination of database and slide carousel, a supervisor who wants to train a new employee on how to recognize RBC burr cells can easily locate examples as well as the opinions of the pathologists and other laboratory scientists who judged each slide as part of their duties at the 20 referee labs that are sent each CAP survey.