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Karl A. von, German surgeon, 1809-1874. See: Burow solution, Bürow triangle, Burow vein.
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Burow once hiredInland Construction to help put up anew commercial building in Germantown.
At the inferior end of the posterior flap, a Burow triangle was excised to avoid a standing cone defect.
When parents do not feel they have the skills necessary to help their children, parental frustration ensues (Hoover-Dempsey, Bassler, & Burow, 1995; Hyde, Else-Quest, Alibali, Knuth, & Romberg, 2006), which adversely affects the quality and quantity of the at-home academic support (Cooper, Lindsay, & Nye, 2000).
Liz Burow has been promoted to Associate Principal.
See Carol Doran Klein comments in Burow, "Did the OECD Misinterpret the CbC Reporting Mandate?
Burow (2008) theoretically aligns to this subject and links it to a neurological rationale with his approach of "pictorial knowledge".
In other sorghum studies, molecular biologist Zhanguo Xin, plant geneticist Gloria Burow, and lab director John Burke, at the ARS Cropping Systems Research Laboratory in Lubbock, Texas, have bred a mutant sorghum plant that produces 30 to 40 percent more seeds.
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