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Karl A. von, German surgeon, 1809-1874. See: Burow solution, Bürow triangle, Burow vein.
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Nitrate toxicity is a serious problem worldwide, and recent studies have indicated that nitrate content in ground and well water is increasing (Manassaram et al., 2007; Burow et al., 2010; Ward et al., 2010), creating a health hazard to both animals and humans.
Then she and her co-investigators performed monopolar electrocautery on discarded surgical Burow triangle tissue specimens to order to create smoke plumes and test mask effectiveness.
Comparison of modified Limberg flap transposition and lateral advancement flap transposition with Burow's triangle in the treatment of pilonidal sinus disease.
"This partnership is the result of a strong -year relationship between Inland and Catalyst, said Matt Burow, president and chief executive officer of Catalyst Construction.
Frequent and appropriate aural cleansing and irrigation using diluted acetic acid or other solutions such as Burow's solution can be an effective measure for the medical treatment of MRSA in CSOM.
At the inferior end of the posterior flap, a Burow triangle was excised to avoid a standing cone defect.
When parents do not feel they have the skills necessary to help their children, parental frustration ensues (Hoover-Dempsey, Bassler, & Burow, 1995; Hyde, Else-Quest, Alibali, Knuth, & Romberg, 2006), which adversely affects the quality and quantity of the at-home academic support (Cooper, Lindsay, & Nye, 2000).
Liz Burow has been promoted to Associate Principal.
(5.) See Carol Doran Klein comments in Burow, "Did the OECD Misinterpret the CbC Reporting Mandate?" 74 Tax Notes International 1092 (June 23, 2014).
Within educational discourses, system interventions and large group interventions are reconstructed as "creative fields" (Burow, 1999; 2000), as "rituals of transformation" and "educational market knowledge" (Weber, 2005), as "surfaces of appearance" of the discourse on collective transformation (Weber, 2000; 2012, 2014a), and have been empirically analyzed (Weber, 2002; 2005).
Previous studies had already explored the ways parents become involved in their children's homework from elementary school to high school level (e.g., see Hoover-Dempsey, Bassler, & Burow, 1995; Hoover-Dempsey et al., 2001; Xu & Corno, 1998).