burning feet syndrome

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burning feet syndrome

a neurological disorder characterized by symptoms of a burning sensation in the sole of the foot. The burning tends to be more intense at night and may also involve the hands. Possible causes include causalgia from injury to the sciatic nerve, degeneration of the spinal cord, and polyneuropathy. The condition is also associated with diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, and a B vitamin deficiency. Also known as Gopalan's syndrome.
A sensory polyneuropathy, which was described in prisoners of war and attributed to a combination of vitamins B and protein deficiency and/or a toxin present in polished rice; first reported in late Colonial India

burning feet syndrome

A symptom complex due to a combined deficiency of B vitamins.

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Q. how to treat nurve pain in my toes the top of my toes fell like they are aburning

A. Neuropathy can be treated by nutrition and several form of alternative medicine, like acupuncture.

check out this article on Peripheral Neuropathy from the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine to learn more:

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