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(bər-nĕt′, bûr′nĭt), Sir (Frank) Macfarlane 1899-1985.
Australian virologist. He shared a 1960 Nobel Prize for his work on acquired immunological tolerance.
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TOP 10 WALES RANKINGS Meadow Brown (4,808 sightings); Gatekeeper (3,777); Ringlet (1,755); Large White (1,646); Small White (1,310); Small Tortoiseshell (1,296); Peacock (1,044); Red Admiral (974); Six-spot Burnet (965); Speckled Wood (731).
HOLLOYAKS EXPATS; Guy Burnet, | |left, Carley Stenson and Kevin Sacre reunited in LA in March
As a part of Burnet County, property in Meadowlakes is expected to be in demand as a result of the presence of Harris' campaign.
As Burnet elucidates, nearly four centuries before Starbucks forayed into the shopping centres of Jakarta, or Royal Dutch Shell began exploiting natural gas off the shores of the Indonesian archipelago, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) was trading in pepper, sandalwood, and gold on the docks of colonial Batavia.
The Burnet Institute is trying to uncover who engages in sexting, what type of photos and text are shared, who sends and receives the data, and what motivates people to sext, News.
Light and quirky, with extremely useful nuggets of advice for the older reader" says Tim Richman, from Burnet Media in Cape Town.
Peter had shown "a most singular deference to Burnet," (13)
Its popularity derived to a large extent from the personality, authority and intellect of Sir Alastair Burnet, who has died at the age of 84.
ITN legend dies aged 84 COLLEAGUES yesterday paid tribute to TV news legend Sir Alastair Burnet.
Each auction is widely advertised and publicized by Coldwell Banker Burnet and Interstate Auction(R) Company.
By uniting three of these companies under the Coldwell Banker Burnet umbrella, consumers can now enjoy greater efficiency and access to even broader resources with which to sell and buy their homes.
The statewide event, to take place August 13th at The Commons Center, located at the JJ Pickles Research Campus, 10100 Burnet Rd.