Boa Constrictor

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A large constrictor snake, native to tropical America, which measures up to 3 metres
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"We consider (Burmese pythons) established, which means the hope of removing them is pretty slim," said Jenny Novak, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologist, during a recent training session with 20 volunteers in south Florida.
MIAMI -- For all the danger posed to Florida's Everglades by invasive Burmese pythons, there's one thing researchers don't want to know: how they would interact with another python species that threatens to move into the same territory.
Invasion of the Burmese Python is part game and part interactive nature documentary.
Washington : Floridians keen to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Everglades will have their mettle tested next month as the wildlife service seeks help in eradicating the giant Burmese python. The public has been asked to join in a month-long hunt for the invasive species, which, lacking natural predators, snacks on native birds, deer, bobcats and other large animals.
Summary: The Burmese python measures more than 17 feet and weighs 74.4 kilos.
'Monstrous' python found in Florida MIAMI: The largest Burmese python ever found in Florida has been caught in the Everglades, scientists said yesterday, and it contained 87 eggs -- also thought to be a record.
The Burmese python, for instance, is changing the delicate ecosystem of the Florida Everglades.
Students at the University of Alabama are used to seeing a 3-meter (10 foot)-long Burmese python slithering down the hallways of the biology department.
SCHOOLchildren from Southern Road Primary, in Plaistow, London, look on as members of staff at London Zoo carry Big Bertha, a 16-foot Burmese python, from the Veterinary Hospital to the zoo''s Reptile House, after the newly-arrived snake finished her quarantine period.
Don't be misled: The only animals you'll see in a living room in this doc are a cougar and a Burmese python. (The runaway-slitheraway?--Gabon viper is nabbed in a garage.) Director Michael Webber's fastmoving, bittersweet film reveals a world of dangerous and entirely unregulated pets (lions, tigers, bears) raised behind closed doors.
A 12FT-LONG Burmese python is on the loose in Fife after escaping from its owner's home.
Creepy Crawlies has five dedicated exhibits -- an Insect Wall featuring tarantulas, spiders, scorpions, millipedes, mantes, beetles and the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach; the Wall Mounted Glass Exhibits comprising walking sticks, geckos, frogs, lizards and toads; the Iguana Enclosure; the Burmese Python Enclosure and the Tree Snake Enclosure featuring the Oriental Whip Snake and Red Tail Racer Snake.