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Burke, Mary Lermann

a nursing theorist who, with Georgene Gaskill Eakes and Margaret A. Hainsworth, developed the Theory of Chronic Sorrow to describe the ongoing feelings of loss that arise from illness, debilitation, or death.
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Nominees are Becky Fletcher, Gallery Designs; Chip Scarborough, Fusion Z; Jo Ann Hollingsworth, The Natural Light; John Burke, John Burke Designs Inc.
Monaleen will be disappointed by their display and only Darren Burke, John Cromican, Finbarr Nash, Muiris Gavin and Ciaran O'Boyle looked capable of competing.
Bairns fans were stunned to learn first-team stars Davie Nicholls, Alex Burke, John Henry, Gareth Hutchison, Mark Roberts plus Colin MacDonald, who is on loan at Arbroath, were told they could not be offered new contracts.
Crosby Stuart (Chris Clarke 4, John Cheetham 3, Alex Simm, Darren Thomas) blew away Junior Windmill 9-2 in the under 14s, where Parkfield (Syantharan Baskarin 3, Joe Connell, Stephen Spollin) charged past Rhinos (Jack McCabe 3) 5-3, Northfield (Joel Powell 2, Kevyn Burke, John Connell-Caul, Kane Draper, Alex Flynn) beat C4th Boys (Grant Pruden 2) 6-2, Mark Law hit five as Forefield Reds (Josh Flower) saw off Cleveland Boys 6-0, Gt Crosby Old Boys (Sloan 2, Williams, Thord) stung Aintree Vipers (Darren East) 4-1 and SWOY (John Nixon 2, Jay Baker, Ryan Wallworth) and Kingsford (Harry Roden-Bilby 2, Chris Foley, Joe Duff) drew 4-4.
Brendan Burke, John Whyte and Donal Cassidy have come in there and earned the right to hold a jersey.
Crosby Stuart JFC (Chris Clark 3, Garry Law 2, Joe Taylor, Jamie Hickey, John Cheetham, Sean Smith) took the sting out of Aintree Vipers (James Callaway) at under-14 by 9-1, while Northfield (Joel Powell 2, Rhys Noble, Kevyn Burke, John Connell) beat Gt Crosby Reds (Sloan) 5-1.
David Turner QC, prosecuting, told the court three man played a key role in organising the gang - Christopher Burke, John Mullally and David Baker.