buried penis

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the external male organ of urination and copulation.

The body of the penis consists of three cylindrical-shaped masses of erectile tissue which run the length of the penis. Two of the masses lie alongside each other and end behind the head of the penis. The third mass lies underneath them. This latter mass contains the urethra. The penis terminates in an oval or cone-shaped body, the glans penis, which contains the exterior opening of the urethra.

The glans penis is covered by a loose skin, the foreskin or prepuce, which enables it to expand freely during erection. The skin ends just behind the glans penis and folds forward to cover it. The inner surface of the foreskin contains glands that secrete a lubricating fluid called smegma which makes it easy for the penis to expand and retract past the foreskin.
buried penis concealed penis.
clubbed penis penile curvature.
concealed penis a small penis concealed beneath a fat pad or the skin of the scrotum, abdomen, or thigh; called also buried penis.
double penis diphallus.
webbed penis a penis enclosed by the skin of the scrotum.

bur·ied pe·nis

normal penis obscured by suprapubic fat.

buried penis

concealed penis.

buried penis

A congenital (due to underdeveloped penile shaft skin) or acquired (due to morbid obesity) condition in which the penis is hidden beneath the abdomen, thigh or scrotum.

Clinical findings
Urinary obstruction, poor hygiene, infection, reduced sexual activity.

Weight loss, reconstructive surgery.
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35] We report, for the first time, a case of a circumcised man, with no history of HPV infection who developed invasive penile cancer in a buried penis.
36] In adults, buried penis can result from aging, obesity, complications from an overly aggressive circumcision and, in rare cases, a missed congenital buried penis.
The psychological consequences related to a buried penis are well-documented and include distortion of body image, locker room syndrome and functional hindrance of sexual activity perhaps leading to decreased sex drive.