van Buren, William H.

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van Buren,

William H., U.S. surgeon, 1819-1883.
van Buren disease - Synonym(s): Peyronie disease
van Buren sound - a standard sound used for urethral calibration or dilation.
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Daniel Buren said: 'A public work is interesting for me because you can develop the place, the people who use the space, and connections between all of these things Museums attract only a portion of the population.
resigned last month after CEO Tom Glaser asked him to work from the company's headquarters in Van Buren on a daily basis.
has closed the sale of 525 West Van Buren, a 522,809-square-foot, 16-story, class A office tower located in Chicago's West Loop, the company said.
A devastating fire broke out January 7 at the Van Buren County Administrative Building, and Ben Lomand Connect (McMinnville, Tenn.
Gerhardt's premises are that constitutional law develops outside (as well as inside) of the courts, and that not only George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the Roosevelts (Theodore and Franklin) but also Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, and the Harrisons (William Henry and Benjamin) contributed importantly to constructing constitutional institutions, practices, and values.
Polk beat Martin Van Buren for the Democratic nomination, the party's libertarian-leaning anti-slavery wing had to take a back seat to the slaveholders and expansionists.
We are really excited to see Kaleidoscape fill Baltic and Baltic Square as children create a landscape of colour, bringing the vibrancy of the Daniel Buren exhibition outdoors with their own creations," said Sarah Bradbury, Baltic's community programmer.
As Daniel Buren looked up at the newly coloured skylight windows in the Baltic art gallery in Gateshead, a pigeon - and then two pigeons - appeared and looked down.
The middleweight faces off against Alliance fighter Matt Van Buren.
According to the Daily Star, the Twitter 'AVB' they targeted is an American playwright called Ashley Van Buren, who mocked the British yobs.
The battered and worn streets along stretches of Fifth Avenue, Blair Boulevard and Van Buren Street in the commercial heart of the Whit are getting a $3.