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Abbreviation for bone mineral density.
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A gene on chromosome Xp21.2 that encodes dystrophin, a protein that anchors the extracellular matrix to the cytoskeleton via F-actin. It is the ligand for dystroglycan and a central component of the dystrophin-glycoprotein complex, which accumulates at the neuromuscular junction and at various synapses in the peripheral and central nervous systems and has a structural function in stabilising the sarcolemma. It plays a key role in signalling events and synaptic transmission. DMD is a highly complex gene, containing at least eight independent, tissue-specific promoters and two polyA-addition sites; it is the largest gene found in nature (2.4 Mb).

Molecular pathology
Defects of DMD cause both Duchenne- and Becker-type muscular dystrophy.
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Abbreviation for bone mineral density.
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Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD)

A type of muscular dystrophy that affects older boys and men, and usually follows a milder course than DMD.
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