Burden of Suffering

A general term for the sum of excess mortality and morbidity caused by a particular disease; e.g., patients with colorectal cancer lose an average of 6 to 7 years of life
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physically confronting the viewer with the burden of suffering carried by his people,' it noted.
Instead, they share the burden of suffering in order to minimise the suffering of any one employee.
I truly hope that one day there will, indeed, be a drug that alleviates this awful disease, not least for the family of those afflicted, who, by sad default, carry that unspoken burden of suffering. Jennifer Slowley, North London 6 Fiona, we love your page and look forward to it every week!
Noting the difficult situation in the country, Ould Cheikh Ahmed raised the alarm regarding the faltering economy, and called on the two sides to unify their efforts to ease the increasing burden of suffering on the Yemeni people.
Much of the burden of suffering from a lack of facilities rests on unemployed youths.
THE legacy of Margaret Thatcher includes the premature death of many Britons and a continuing burden of suffering, a group of public health academics has claimed.
They also apply to those who bear the burden of suffering stoically while striving to establish a sense of order and justice in their world.
But thank God you have some little burden of suffering to bear at this time when there is so much of it in the world.
It was the gift to endure an almost unbearable burden of suffering and to grow even stronger in the face of it." (217) And Kreisel obviously shows how attitudes toward money and material success are shaped by dire poverty.
Many have suggested that such testing could greatly reduce the burden of suffering associated with warfarin use, as well creating health care cost savings.
"The increase in the incidence of disability claims for conditions related to obesity is alarming, and illustrates the potential scope, in terms of burden of suffering and the increase in health-care costs, attributable to the obesity epidemic," said Robert Anfield, the company's vice president and medical director.