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bupleurum (bōō·plerˑ·m),

n Latin name:
Bupleurum falcatum L.; part used: roots; uses: antiinflammatory, immunomodulator, hepatoprotective, antitussive, renal disorders, stomach ulcers; precautions: can cause gas, indigestion, slight hepatotoxicity, sedation, nausea. Also called
Bupleuri radix, chai hu, hare's ear root, saiko, and
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In vitro micropropagation and ex vitro acclimation of Bupleurum kaoi, an endangered medicinal plant native to Taiwan.
Arnica unalaschkensis, Bupleurum ranunculoides, Vaccinium ovalifolium at the time of dispersal in autumn have a more moderate optimum temperature regime, thus germination at higher temperatures of 35/25[degrees]C is unfavorable.
Adjusted-Da-chai-Ling-Tang formulation includes Chai Hu ( Bupleurum chinense DC) 9 g, Hunag qing ( Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi.
We have a Sleep and Relaxation formula based on wild jujube seed and bupleurum that helps with improving appearance by promoting a more restful sleep.
Entre los generos mas representativos estan Arenaria, Campanula, Linaria, Silene, Euphorbia, Rumex, Plantago, Bupleurum, Brachypodium, Bromus, Stipa, Poa, Trifolium, Tuberalia, Vulpia, Coronilla, etc.
Although Lauren's period pain had improved, the long term support of Bupleurum falcatum, Paeonia lactiflora and Angelica sinensis would continue for two more cycles.
Jbel Bouyblane (Province of Taza) for Bupleurum spinosum, or El Jadida for Euphorbia spp.
With umbels (of the apiaceae family), from the translucent discs of bupleurum to fennel and anthriscus, or the domes and chalices of eryngium and astrantia, the best technique is to invert the seed heads whole in paper bags.
Steppe-meadow grasses are the predominant native species of the uncultivated sites, and most are the herbage community including Bupleurum seorzonerifolium, Sanguisorba officinalis, Potentilla chinensis, Salix rosmarinifolia, and Platycodon grandiflorus (Fu 1995).
Efficient production of saikosaponins in Bupleurum falcatum root fragments combined with signal transducers.
The cool and pungent plants include peppermint, bupleurum, and chrysanthemum flower.