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Infectious disease An animal of the class Leporidae that may carry various pathogens: Brucella suis biotype 2, Cheyletiella infestation, Francisella tularensis, plague, Q-fever, Trichophyton
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"Do you think the bunny rabbit caused the thunder?"
For a sneak preview of the one which really will be his to encounter he has only to be taken over the doorstep, to where the rolling hills have a retail park built on top of them, the vandals have uprooted the flowers, and the bunny rabbits have to take their chances on a teeming dual carriageway.
When you've seen enough grisly dramas and soap operas, you know you can switch this on for some stunning coastline (this time it's RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk) and a few fluffy bunny rabbits, and the only fight might be between a couple of badgers.
Two Bunny Buddies is a playful, easy reader picturebook about two bunny rabbits who are the best of friends.
The film is action packed and often amusing but too many jokes fail and there are bizarre running gags concerning gravity-defying horses and ferocious bunny rabbits.
I would urge anyone thinking of following in the footsteps of Barbara Haigh (Bunny featured in your article ) to think more about the safety of our children than the sexual gratification of men who are turned on by bunny rabbits. Cllr Martin Cummins, West Derby
BUNNY rabbits are used to grabbing the headlines at Easter, but these furry friends are hoping to warm a few hearts this Christmas.
Like humans, like flowers, like apples, like little bunny rabbits - they will all shrivel up into dry, smelly, rotting lumps of nothingness when they've overstayed their welcome in God's garden.
I love all the bunny rabbits and the mommy bunny rabbits and the babies."
A friend of the 26-year-old Celebrity Wrestling beauty said: "They've been at it like bunny rabbits since the engagement.
Easter Sunday will soon be here And how the little children will cheer -With visions of chocolates, bunny rabbits and flowers Pictured in their minds for many hours.
EASTER might be a time for a chocolate and sweet little bunny rabbits but it's also a great opportunity for we students to get some rest.