Bunnell, Sterling

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Sterling, U.S. physician and surgeon, 1882-1957.
Bunnell atraumatic technique
Bunnell block - a block of wood used to exercise stiffened joints.
Bunnell dressing
Bunnell gutter splint
Bunnell hand drill
Bunnell knuckle-bender splint
Bunnell modification of Steindler flexorplasty
Bunnell needle
Bunnell outrigger splint
Bunnell probe
Bunnell pull-out wire
Bunnell solution
Bunnell suture - a method of tenorrhaphy using a pull-out wire affixed to buttons.
Bunnell tendon passer
Bunnell tendon transfer technique
Paul-Bunnell test - see under Paul, John Rodman
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