Bungee Jumping

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An ‘extreme’ sport in which a long elastic band is attached to the participant, who dives off a height. While accidents are rare, they are significant when they do occur, including quadriplegia or death—often due to improper fastening or miscalculation of the distance to the ground
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With the Tag line "GOT GUTS?" Jumpin Heights became the first company in India to offer Bungy Jumping and The Giant Swing from an 83 meters cantilever platform along with Asia's longest 1 km long Flying Fox.
They made the bungy cord a bit longer so he went right into the water."
RIGHT SWINGER A grinning Beckham hangs from bungy; GOING DOWN Becks seen next to bridge; SPLASHING Becks hits water after his plunge Pictures: SIMON RUNTING
brought to India, Bungy Jumping from a 83 meters cantilever platform and Asia's longest 1 km long Flying Fox.
Bungy Jumping is very famous in New Zealand & Australia.