Bungee Jumping

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An ‘extreme’ sport in which a long elastic band is attached to the participant, who dives off a height. While accidents are rare, they are significant when they do occur, including quadriplegia or death—often due to improper fastening or miscalculation of the distance to the ground
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DROP IN FOR A PINT: Emma gets into practice for her bungee jump at the Holyhead.
Police have not named the man but he is understood to have been involved in putting on the bungee jump event.
I rather bravely (foolishly) offered to use this voucher to do a sponsored 160-foot bungee jump to try to raise the funds for Sidney's operation," said Sarah.
Amanda Dodd had hoped to tackle St David's Hospice Great Orme walk and a bungee jump at The Yacht pub in Pensarn.
Becci Whittaker and Kelly Booth, both 21 and from Lindley, took part in a sponsored bungee jump for Lydia North.
A CARE home worker braved a 160ft bungee jump from Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge, to raise funds for the elderly people she looks after.
He may be battered and bruised -- and a little light-headed -- but Dubai's new bungee jump record breaker is already setting his sights on his next challenge.
Suzanne, who lives in Hill Top, West Bromwich, has raised more than PS150 from her bungee jump, which took place at the end of last month.
The new bungee jump record holder is already looking to leap into his next challenge as he eyes a crack at the Burj Khalifa.
Charity bungee jumper Jon Hold is left dangling after his Transporter Bridge bungee jump.
The dream jump system allows divers to have a longer free fall distance than in a bungee jump and have full freedom of movement during a jump to experience different acrobatics while in free fall.
They will be taking part in the UK's highest bungee jump, which is being held at Soar at intu Braehead, Glasgow, next Saturday.