Oswald C.E., German neurologist, 1877-1950. See: Bumke pupil.
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A classmate, Alison Bumke, said that hearing from Konishi was invaluable but ''I felt horrified and guilty that the U.
The wind forcing at a 10 m level was derived from geostrophic winds as recommended by Bumke and Hasse (1989): the geostrophic wind speed was multiplied by 0.
Even the work of Andreas Capellanus, the author of the late 12th-century treatise, De Amore (The art of courtly love), (5) does hot much help to understand courtly love because, as numerous scholars pointed out, his perspective might have been ironic (Burnley 1998: 151; Bumke 2000: 362).
BIG NIGHT OUT: (Right, from left) James Sherratt, David Hill, Daniel Bumke, Craig Campbell and Heather Crawley
The martyrs of Kerbela were now conceived of not as religious but political victims, and compared with the leftist victims of the militant clashes between left and right (Melikoff "Le probleme Bektasi-Alevi," 29; Bumke 544).
Nasdaq: INDI) a financial media company that reaches approximately three million people each month, today announced the promotions of David Bumke, and Luciano Siracusano as editors for Individual Investor Magazine and individualinvestor.
Athenaum Verlag, 1984) 157-58; Joachim Bumke, Geschichte der deutschen Literatur im hohen Mittelalter (Munich: Deutscher Taschanbuchverlag, 1990) 268.
It includes a magisterial article on Wolfram von Eschenbach by Joachim Bumke, based on a different set of priorities from his monograph on Wolfram (now in its 7th edition).
Bumke, there have been more closely focused treatments of the episcopal court at Cologne (by K.
449-82; and Joachim Bumke, Hofische Kultur, 2 vols (Munich, 1986), 11, 141-4.