Oswald C.E., German neurologist, 1877-1950. See: Bumke pupil.
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(2008), Parzival, auf der Grundlage der Handschrift D, herausgegeben von Joachim Bumke, Tubingia, Max Niemeyer.
University professor Oswald Bumke (1877-1950), teaching in cities such as Rostock, Leipzig, Munich and then German Wroclaw, claimed to have hinted strongly at Hitler when lecturing on prestige-craving ("geltungsbedurftig") hysterical personalities and schizoid, autistic fanatics, as the terminology of the time called it (13).
The wind forcing at a 10 m level was derived from geostrophic winds as recommended by Bumke and Hasse (1989): the geostrophic wind speed was multiplied by 0.6 and the direction turned by 15[degrees] to the left.
In the introduction to his collection of essays John Greenfield points to the current interest in the phenomenon of perception, which in the field of Altgermanistik was especially stimulated by the appearance of Joachim Bumke's Die Blutstropfen im Schnee: Uber Wahrnehmung und Erkenntnis im 'Parzival' Wolframsvon Eschenbach (Tubingen: Niemeyer, 2001).
A classmate, Alison Bumke, said that hearing from Konishi was invaluable but ''I felt horrified and guilty that the U.S.
As Bumke wrote, Courtly love could be unrequited love or it could culminate in sensual fulfilment.