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But with the right computer equipment, a few shareware programs, and a phone line, police departments can create bulletin board systems that allow them to reach out to the citizens they serve.
Bulletin board systems (BBSs) are one of the oldest ways computer users are linked to other computers to use online resources in gathering information.
Here are some of the other features that were built into our bulletin board system.
Bulletin board Systems (BBS) have been around in some fashion for more than a decade, but not until the past few years have technological capabilities made it possible to exploit their full potential.
For modem users on a budget, or those who do not have or want Internet service, bulletin board systems (BBS) are an economical alternative.
(1994), "Electronic Communications for Hygienists: Bulletin Board Systems," Amer Indust Hygiene Assoc J, (55): 257-260.
In addition to stories about protecting E-mail privacy to what to do when you take your laptop on the road, the magazine offers a comprehensive listing of bulletin board system telephone numbers.
The crackdown was really about bulletin board systems. A bulletin board system is a computer that serves as an information and message passing center for users.
When Coopers & Lybrand (C&L) created its BatorLink as a pro bono service for business incubator tenants throughout the country, it joined a popular move toward business bulletin board systems (BBS).
It's called The WineBoard but actually there are three separate "bulletin board systems" you can call up onto your computer screen.
This monthly publication provides concise, comprehensive, and time information on electronic bulletin board systems and the emerging cottage industry in online information services.
Electronic bulletin board systems (BBS) have developed into important channels for the distribution of noncommercial software, including shareware and programs in the public domain.

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