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In order to allow the modifications of the bulbous bow defined by several parameters, the fore part has been modeled with a Bezier surface because of its possibility to create a grid of desired density from a relatively low number of points.
The bulbous bow is a torpedo-like underwater projection to streamline the ship's movement and minimise the bow waves as she cuts through the sea when underway.
Photographer James Morgan who came up with the idea, backed by Cunard, to put Captain Oprey on the bulbous bow said safety was paramount, with two safety craft standing by during the photo-shoot, but he remained sure-footed throughout.
Mr Morgan said: "When I suggested we photograph the captain standing on the bulbous bow, they all looked at me like I was a tiny bit mad, but the fact it hadn't been done that was why we had to do it.
The bulbous bow was designed to improve the efficiency of the hull, said Petters, "It helps with the drag and sea keeping." The new bow changes the way the flow of water comes down the side of the ship, thus changing the center of buoyancy.
In addition, Maersk Line evaluated several other technologies and initiatives, such as, frequency control of seawater cooling pumps, derating of the main engine, engine room ventilation, installation of economisers on auxiliary engines, and modification and optimization of bulbous bows for a wider range of speeds and draughts.
Known as 'bulbous bows' they could have several benefits depending on their design.