bulbospongiosus muscle

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bul·bo·spon·gi·o·sus mus·cle

(bŭl'bō-spŏn-jē-ō'sŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Perineal muscle; in male: origin, perineal membrane fascia on the dorsum of bulb of penis; insertion, central tendon of perineum and median raphe on free surface of the bulb; action, voluntarily constricts bulbous urethra when attempting to expel last drops after urination, or spasmodically with, and following, ejaculation to expel semen. In female: origin, dorsum of the clitoris, the corpus cavernosum, and the perineal membrane; insertion, central tendon of the perineum; action, acts as a weak sphincter of the vagina; nerve supply, pudendal (deep perineal branch).
Synonym(s): bulbocavernosus muscle, musculus bulbocavernosus, musculus bulbospongiosus, musculus ejaculator seminis, musculus sphincter vaginae, sphincter vaginae.
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Increasing the blood flow to the penis by strengthening the bulbocavernous muscle, reducing the erectile tissue hypoxia, and decreasing the formation of fibrosis may lessen the permanent damage to erectile functioning (Prota et al., 2012).
Recognition of EUS location is ensured through its activity during the bulbocavernous reflex.
He was eventually diagnosed with a neurogenic bowel also, due to absent rectal sphincter tone and absent bulbocavernous reflex.
Additional sexual stimulation initiates the bulbocavernous reflex where ischiocavernous muscles forcefully compress the base of the blood-filled corpora cavernosa.