Building Biology

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Psychology The study of the effect that modern—high-rise—buildings have on human behaviour
Public health The area of building science that studies the effect of modern residential, public, or commercial buildings on humans. Building biologists’ primary focus is on building materials/processes, indoor air quality, electromagnetic fields and radiation, and the interaction between the built environment and the health of the occupants
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Building Biology: Criteria and Architectural Design
Along the way, a number of green and healthy building rating systems were used as models and guides, including Living Building Challenge, LEED, Building Biology, Energy Star for Homes, EnerGuide.
Now, synthetic biologists have laid the groundwork for that radical new future, by building biology's version of Silicon Valley.
In Germany, the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology Neubeuern is also focused on ensuring that any building is compliant with holistic guidelines that include peak values of high radio frequency signals and low frequency electromagnetic field signals, as opposed to the RMS values that international standards comply with.
A green-certified business (Green America Network) and member of Institute of Building Biology, she also volunteers and is on the Board of Trustees for Sweetbriar Nature Center, a nature education and wildlife rehabilitation center in Smithtown, NY.
It is the first to integrate four separate building challenges: LEED Platinum, the Living Building Challenge, Building Biology, and Maharishi Vedic Architecture.
For instance, Alison Wilson, a member of the Building Biology Network of Australia and the IBE Program Director for Australia, shared her vision of further developing the Bau-biologie initiative in the "Land Down Under." Dr.

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