cost-benefit analysis

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cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

a type of economic evaluation of medical care expense. It compares the expected monetary benefit derived from different health interventions with the expected cost of providing each of the interventions to determine the best or most profitable option.

cost-benefit analysis

Cost-benefit evaluation Clinical trials A form of economic analysis from a social perspective, in which the costs of medical care are compared with the economic benefits of the care provided, with both the costs and benefits being expressed in monetary units; the benefits evaluated include projected ↓ in future health care costs and ↑ earning as a result of the intervention of interest. Cf Cost-effectiveness analysis.

cost-benefit analysis,

n the comparative study of the service or production costs of a service or item and its value to the subject.

cost-benefit analysis

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To find out why these firms chose to build versus buy, and also to learn what their experiences were after implementing these systems, we interviewed a number of the executives responsible for the initiatives.
Its board has established a $289m software empire in little more than four years on the premise that when it comes to a build versus buy business model, the buy model always wins out.
Refer to research when estimating data center facility requirements to aid in determining a high level budget during the build versus buy decision.
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