buffering agents

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buffering agents

substances which when ingested induce alkalosis and so counteract and limit reduction in pH during exercise. Important agents include sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate; the minimum dose for improvement in performance is about 2 g.kg-1 body mass. See also ergogenic aids; appendix 4.4 .


the action produced by a buffer.

buffering agents
amongst other uses these substances play a part in dairy cattle nutrition by helping to prevent damaging ruminal acidity on high grain rations. Sodium bicarbonate and magnesium oxide are the preparations most commonly used.
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This should be the result of mineral elements contained in the BAFLOP acting as a rumen buffering agent to maintain rumen pH.
This latest-generation of remediation biotechnology is an integrated source of slow-release oxygen plus major-, minor- and micro-nutrients and a pH buffering agent.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- AmerenUE today began using flocculates -- alums and a buffering agent that cause suspended particles to settle out of water -- to remove suspended clay from the Taum Sauk lower reservoir.
Further, concurrent administration of a buffering agent does not seem to be necessary.
and covers methods of treating various skin diseases, and in particular, scalp psoriasis, using a foam pharmaceutical composition comprising a corticosteroid active substance, a propellant and a buffering agent.
Velosulin BR contains a sodium phosphate buffering agent in addition to regular insulin.
To help skin shed dead skin cells this clarifying lotion has special buffering agents to clean and exfoliate, removing dry dead cells, make-up and unclogging pores.