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Medical slang To 'spin' a patient’s history to facilitate a turf transfer to another’s service
Vox populi Describing someone with good muscle definition
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Each hour you do not buff glasses is worth $20, not including the lack of cut fingers from broken glass.
In the trailing 12 months, Buff Dubs generated AUD 4.3m in revenues and EBITDA of AUD 881,000.
When talking about recruitment in Liverpool, director of Butlers in the Buff, Will Jones said: "Often men are interested but a bit nervous to apply or don't think they are 'buff' enough.
The annual BUFF awards takes centre stage on Sunday, September 10th, as Sam Benjamin and Kyla Frye host the prestigious ceremony from the iconic BT Tower in London.
Art Buff quickly became very popular locally, attracting a great many visitors but also some unwanted attention, being vandalised twice in a matter of weeks.
If your car buff is on their first car, they won't have as many of the essentials that other car owners will have.
I checked that the buff was dead and then followed Roberto's tracks in the soft sand; they lead straight back to the car.
Driving the SATS Toyota Supra, owned by Chris Arthur, the car was one of the most competitive in the paddock, and was sure to help Buff achieve the win he so badly wanted.
On another cull operation we drove into a herd of buff that were all laying down.
The [T.sub.g] of a clearcoat can be an important contributing factor in the ability to buff out a coating (Table 4).
This format makes "The History Buff's Guide to the Presidents: Key People, Places, and Events" a good night-time read, as there is no storyline to forget--you can read a section one night, pick the book up again a week later and start off again without losing anything.