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Medical slang To 'spin' a patient’s history to facilitate a turf transfer to another’s service
Vox populi Describing someone with good muscle definition
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At the theatre, George, Buff and Steven were each presented with a silver casket before being made freemen of the city.
At Silverstone, the top 8 saw Buff up against old rival Phil Morrison in his Silvia S15.
But now we're back to that bond between the Ducks and Buffs.
The Buff Revolution was liberating rather than oppressive, even if, like all liberations, it enticed some people to excess or illness.
Stephen Buff brings 15 years of sales and channel management experience in the government and commercial sectors, including RF, Satcom and video distribution/switching over fiber with Emcore Corporation, Opticomm, Jenco Technologies and others.
But he likes the feeling of pride he gets when marshaling a Buff to the runway for a launch -- no matter the weather.
T]he eyes of Watergate buffs tend to twinkle rather than stare.
Buff said Reed & Barton will begin raising the wholesale price of its better stainless in the third quarter by about 5 to 10 percent.
Spray buff with a floor machine occasionally to restore the gloss; a diluted solution of floor polish and water can be used for this operation.
Thought leader Anne Buff to offer perspective on managing data governance programs
The disk is attached to an angle grinder and you simply buff off all the paint.
So when it was his time to make his speech, he introduced William using the new world he learned that day and said: "I know my eldest will now demonstrate his buff credentials.