Pierre C., French gynecologist, 1846-1907. See: Budin obstetric joint.
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An investigation into the copolymerization process of polyamide 6/12 was performed by Budin et al.
Meanwhile, Tanjung Piandang Mosque's Religious Bureau chairman Mohd Yusop Budin said the mosque committee had decided in a discussion to accept the apology to avoid a rift.
The cast is completed by Miracle Chance as Columbia, Ross Chisari as Eddie/Dr Scott, Callum Evans as Rocky, Reece Budin, Shelby Farmer, Katie Monks and Jake Small as the Phantoms and swings Andrew Ahearn and Maddie Hope Coelho.
"I was impressed with (starting pitcher) Sean Budin," Rolling Meadows coach Matt Rice said.
Edited by John Humbley, Gerhard Budin, and Christer Lauren
Budin, which is a play on the word 'pudding,' is on hand for dessert.
Bullying is linked to increased patient care errors, higher costs of care, higher staff turnover rates, lower patient satisfaction scores, and preventable adverse events (The Joint Commission, 2008; Vessey, DeMarco, Gaffney, & Budin, 2009).
If Lucban has longganisa, Tayabas is famous for Budin and yema cake.
Capping the meal was a plate of Budin (caramel flan), while vegetarians had Mango Sago.
All species of ciliates harbor two different kinds of nuclei; micronucleus that is required for sexual reproduction and other one is transcriptionally active macronucleus (Baroin-Tourancheau et al., 1992; Forney and Rodkey, 1992; Budin and Philippe, 1998; Katz, 2001; Rautian and Potekhin, 2002; Garnier et al., 2004; Shin, 2005; Zufall et al., 2006; Nekrasova et al., 2010).
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