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budgerigar, budgie

budgerigar fledgling disease
a polyomavirus infection of young psittacines that causes failure of feather growth, hepatic and renal necrosis, and sometimes death.
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CUSHY NUMBER: Billy the budgie with owner Joy Lowe in the lounge of their home.
The young Princess Elizabeth was given her first pair of budgies in the 1930s.
Very slowly place your hand in the cage, when the budgie is relaxed, slowly extend your index finger alongside the perch.
From these birds, by the turn of the century, the first blue budgies had been bred.
They were among eight budgies, a handful of doves and more than 50 pigeons kept in a shed in Burdiehouse Drive.
However, we changed our minds, found a breeder, and came home with two young budgies.
A JAILBIRD who let 21 prison budgies starve to death has been moved after furious lags threatened to beat him up.
Thieves who took budgies from a breeder in the southwest last year demanded a hefty ransom for their safe return, while several of the feathered favourites were killed by thieves who snatched a prize-winning breeding bird worth pounds 2,000 in another incident.
And observing nestfuls of baby budgies is a privilege.
IN younger budgies, it is often difficult to tell what sex they are.
A BIRD dubbed the world's most famous budgie has had an opera written about him.
QI've kept budgies for four years now but recently I came home to find the male budgie dead in the aviary.