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budgerigar, budgie

budgerigar fledgling disease
a polyomavirus infection of young psittacines that causes failure of feather growth, hepatic and renal necrosis, and sometimes death.
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In the next sections, I present a case for the use of budgerigars to teach science and get students working scientifically by describing the knowledge and skills that can be advanced, as well as explaining how an aviary can be set up to facilitate this learning.
But to an amorous female budgerigar his head could be lit up like a gorgeous beacon.
Key words: Macrorhabdus ornithogaster, avian gastric yeast, fecal Gram's stain, polymerase chain reaction, PCR, psittacine bird, budgerigars, Melopsitiacus undulatus
Also taking to the stage will be aerialists from the US and Great Britain, and ringmaster Norman Barrett MBE with his trained budgerigars.
Dr Cooper added that the budgerigars had been found in his room.
Our results showed that budgerigars can show rhythmic movements synchronized with external stimuli, which means they potentially have this capability of auditory-motor entrainment as a species," says Seki.
What they did was to see the effect of changing the room temperature on the yawning behaviour of 20 budgerigars as temperatures varied between 22C and 38C.
Owners and organisers rushed to get their birds' cages outside into the fresh air as the budgerigars inexplicably fell off their perches.
He looked after 100 budgerigars that flew wild around his garden.
A MYSTERY virus is killing budgerigars nationwide - leading to calls for shows to be scrapped and trading to stop.
Baffled experts cannot identify or find a cure for the lethal disease which has so far killed more than 1,000 budgerigars throughout Middlesbrough in the last four weeks.