Buddy System

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A format for reducing the risk of a particular activity, in which a person participates with another person who would be expected to either render aid or obtain help in the event of an unforeseen contingency; the BS is used for scuba diving, boating, hunting, back-country skiing, and other outside activities
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Just because a buddy system is in place does not replace the responsibilities of the lifeguards or other aquatics staff.
Sotile said, "Once the public tries it, they don't want jacketed cones or cones wrapped in napkins anymore." He also noted that, "While the incremental sales are important, the true value in this deal is the vast public exposure The Buddy System will gain through its association with Goodrich, Omaha Refrigeration, and Subway."
William Rolles, President of Greater Omaha Refrigeration Co., said that the Buddy System is an ideal fit for Goodrich Ice Cream and Subway.
The Buddy System has won praise from industry veterans, including Bryce Thomson, editor of The Sundae School Newsletter, a publication for active members of the National Association of Ice Cream and Yogurt Retailers.