Buddy System

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A format for reducing the risk of a particular activity, in which a person participates with another person who would be expected to either render aid or obtain help in the event of an unforeseen contingency; the BS is used for scuba diving, boating, hunting, back-country skiing, and other outside activities
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If so, that isn't much of a plan, and the buddy system now has ceased to exist.
Thus it became important to determine whether the buddy system had any impact on the self-care behaviours of HIV+ve patients, who were supported by trained buddies.
The Buddy System notes that its cone holders promote good clean fun without the transfer of germs from dirty hands or airborne sources.
The buddy system that has been developed will match students coming into the program with those more advanced in their studies.
But now she has started walking with a false leg and has joined a campaign to set up workplace buddy systems for disabled people.
Most of my training was on site, working one-to-one with a diamond driller, and the buddy system is going to be a big part of our new training scheme.
Our caring ethos, our fabulous buddy system and our lovely outdoor classroom.
The key technology component is the Health Buddy system from Mountain View, Calif.
Experienced coaches often use the buddy system with their athletes, pairing them up at the first practice--older athletes (seniors and juniors) with younger ones (sophomores and freshmen).
Ewert believes that a buddy system similar to the one commonly taught in conjunction with swimming would allow runners to observe whether their partner is deteriorating along the course, and help them get medical attention right when they need it.
The Royal Marines and the Royal Navy are developing an internal buddy system to encourage soldiers to talk to each other so as not to involve strangers, mental health experts and outside psychiatrists.
In its Buddy System knives, Meyerco has added skinning knives in two sizes, along with a gut-hook model.