Buddy System

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A format for reducing the risk of a particular activity, in which a person participates with another person who would be expected to either render aid or obtain help in the event of an unforeseen contingency; the BS is used for scuba diving, boating, hunting, back-country skiing, and other outside activities
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"Season 2 of 'Buddy System' seeks to explore Rhett and Link's powerful friendship in a new and refreshing way by asking the radical question: What if Rhett and Link had never met in 1st grade and went on to become hosts of the popular internet show 'Good Mythical Morning,'" the official synopsis asks.
The buddy system can be a good way to ramp up to a more formally aligned structure.
Marc Lebert's latest introductions like Equaliser and Buddy System are widely adopted by numerous sports and fitness professionals and trainers all over.
A buddy system definitely is recommended because likely you'll need help when it comes time to pull a 35-or 40-pound cobia or kingfish on the deck of the kayak.
The Buddy System. Whether you're swimming, hiking, or anything else for that matter, use the buddy system.
Use the buddy system. Ask a friend to help you put on the rucksack.
This "cyber-buddy" system is simply a new twist to new twist to the traditional military buddy system. Knowing fellow Supply Corps officers from the outset will not only reduce OCS attrition, but will establish careerlong networks that will increase retention far into the future.
The boat operates a buddy system, with a permanent crew of able-bodied staff working alongside the sailors, who complete all the main tasks on the ship.
If you can shoot on a live fire range I think the buddy system is a good way to go.
The LBCMF will also promote a "buddy system" where larger, experienced businesses can act as mentors for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and voluntary organisations.
The buddy system has been around a long time and usually works well.