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A name proposed for the first—as yet hypothetical—cloned human, whose name is derived from Dolly, the first cloned sheep
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Hirshland's clients have included the estates of Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Woody Guthrie and Jim Croce, legendary artists such as Iggy Pop, the Guess Who and Los Lobos, and contemporary alt-rock stars such as Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon, Ben Folds and Wilco.
Glen Joseph, who has been starring as Buddy Holly at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle, proposes to girlfriend Katie Gibson.
Listen To Me, Why Do Fools Fall In Love and Heartbeat are played awlessly by e Buddy Holly Orchestra.
The movie version of Holly's life, "The Buddy Holly Story," came out in 1978, with Gary Busey playing Holly.
It's so easy, so doggone easy, to fall in love with Paul McCartney on his grunge-friendly re-imagining of "It's So Easy." More "Helter Skelter" than Linda Ronstadt, McCartney (who happens to own the Buddy Holly catalog and whose band, the Beatles, was a tongue-in-cheek nod to Holly's band the Crickets) sings with unabashed gusto while getting all grimy in a fuzzy mix of "White Album"-era guitar sludge.
Best BUDDY: Florence steals the show GeNIUs: Buddy holly
Lewis was the main nerd, and not only did he have the thick Buddy Holly glasses, but he also got the hottest chick at the end of the movie.
If the editorial slant tilts a bit too much toward punk and hip-hop sensibilities for my personal taste, the book nonetheless offers a revealing interview with Ray Charles, insightful essays on the songwriting of Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly, and Robert Christgau's lengthy analysis of funk's evolution from the seminal New Orleans jazz of Buddy Bolden, among many other pleasures.
Anne Bustard's Buddy: The Story Of Buddy Holly (0689866674, $16.95) reads like a story, but includes plenty of facts about the musician's life and inspirations.
The third thing about Lubbock--and it's a natural consequence of the first two--is that they make singers there: Buddy Holly, of course, who watches over North Texas music like an amiable spirit; and Waylon Jennings, who played bass for Holly when he was in high school; and there was a trio of unusual country singers and songwriters who started out as the Flatlanders in the early '70s and eventually dissolved into Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, and Joe Ely, still legendary performers down around Austin.
Buddy is an odd import from London that features the American rock singer Paul Hipp in an evening-long impersonation of Buddy Holly. You will enjoy the show strictly in proportion to your enjoyment of Buddy Holly's music and performance style.
TODAY marks the 60th anniversary of Buddy Holly's death in a light aircraft following a concert at The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.