Paul C., U.S. neurosurgeon, 1904-1992. See: Klüver-Bucy syndrome.
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The motives behind the commission of white-collar crimes primarily are the wish for control in society, fear and anxiety of dwindling from the social status, lack of social consciousness and integrity, weak and ineffective internal controls of organizations and departments, greed and hunger of wealth, monetary and financial gains and ineffective and ineffectual corporate culture in economy (Bucy et al., 2008).
Pamela Bucy Pierson, Kenneth Minturn, and Adolph Philip Reich II
Research is clear about the role of nonverbal communication in politics (Ahler, Citrin, Dougal, & Lenz, 2017; Bailenson, Garland, Iyengar, & Yee, 2006; Dumitrescu, 2016; Kemmelmeier & Winter, 2008), as well as its effect on audiences during televised political debates (Bucy, 2016; Druckman, 2003; Krauss, 1996).
John Bucy, a newly elected Democrat who successfully unseated Republican state Rep.
(3,4) Kluver Bucy Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and adverse effects of certain medications (eg, dopaminergic agonists in the treatment of Parkinson's disease) may result in hypersexuality and offending behaviour.
Kalman and Bucy, 1961), Cressman (1959) proposed a robust 'manually tunable' method directly applicable for correcting weather forecasts.
Source credibility involves attributes of information senders, including integrity and expertise (Bucy, 2003; Etling & Young, 2007).
Syndrome of Kluver and Bucy; reproduced in man by bilateral removal of the temporal lobes.
Virchow is the first one to describe sand-like granulations in these meningothelial proliferations and had named them "psammoma body", in 1863 [33], while Bailey and Bucy had demonstrated their origin from the arachnoid cap cells [34].