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Among their topics are the herdsman in Greek thought, epigram at the margins of pastoral, panegyric in Virgil's Bucolics, pastoral anxieties in Senecan drama, the pastoral novel and the bucolic tradition, and the pastoral in Byzantium.
First, Mariano Tucci's reference, in an afterward, to the 1510 Giuntine edition as "hoc secundo Maronis enchiridio" (this second hand-held book of Maro) cannot be interpreted as confirmation of the existence of an e arlier edition edited by Riccardini because enchiridion, the word used by Aldus Manutius to describe his octavo-sized Vergil of 1501, indicates format and cannot be assumed to be a synonym for the terms commonly used for edition, editio or impressio; the 1504 Giunta anthology of bucolic poetry, an octavo-sized enchiridion also edited by Riccardini, although it contained the Bucolics alone of Vergil's works, may well have been what Tucci had in mind as the predecessor of Riccardini's 1510 Giunta Vergil.
The surviving poems by Theocritus that are generally held to be authentic consist of bucolics and mimes, the scenes of which are laid in the country, and epics, lyrics, and epigrams, which are set in towns.