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Gustav, U.S. radiologist, 1880-1963. See: Bucky diaphragm.


Imaging A cassette film in a Potter-Bucky diaphragm
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While Bucky is evolving, he is also getting back to being himself.
And indeed Bucky does take his hand, as he always has, and he does, perhaps, in this way contract and then spread the disease far beyond the city lines where it had heretofore been confined.
Since Chris Evans recently announced that he is retiring from acting very soon, I see Marvel killing Steve Rogers off, and passing the torch to Bucky Barnes.
As he lay horribly injured on the ground, Bucky prayed and looked at his wallet, it ripped from his pocket, where a photo of his little girl lay open.
The Fuller Dome Home Organization recently held its first annual Dome Days festival in Carbondale, Illinois, to raise funds to restore the structure that Bucky built for himself and his wife, Anne, in 1960.
The non-powered members of the team vanished into history, but Bucky and Toro kept up their partnership in the pages of The All Winners Squad.
Bucky Cantor has his major epiphanies in association with his fiance Marcia's family; yet, somehow, the nature of Cantor's relationship with Marcia needs more development.
Bucky got his "Too" when his older brother Buster got his "Boo.
Bucky is also deeply in love with Marcia Steinberg, a fellow teacher from a family of the city's Jewish elite (her father is a doctor), a feeling that is reciprocated.
When a quarantine is discussed, Bucky, aching for a fresh start, leaves town for a Pocono Mountains summer camp, where he can be with his fiancee, Marcia Steinberg, and escape the prejudice of the city.
Bucky Cantor is 23 years old, a physed teacher and--until this point in the novel--playground director for two schools, Chancellor Avenue School and the newly opened Weequahic High.