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Gustav, U.S. radiologist, 1880-1963. See: Bucky diaphragm.
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Imaging A cassette film in a Potter-Bucky diaphragm
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"The comments of this associate are not reflective of the core values of Bucky's Convenience Stores," the statement read.
"It's pretty hard to give it to Bucky. As much as we love him, he is on the dark path and is recovering from that.
'For example, Bucky's brownies really go well with our frozen chocolate custard, while the beers pair well with the burgers.'
When questioned about Bucky's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stan remained largely quiet, but he did briefly speak on the idea of his character becoming the second Captain America and whether there had been any official talk of the change in alias.
Bucky Larson gets the nod to beat Ballydoyle runner Bond Street in the mile maiden.
Of course, even in her most flexible and openhearted state, Eleanor is too disrespectful of Bucky's values not to be doomed.
-- Tony Stark / Iron Man Sebastian Stan -- Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier Emily VanCamp -- Sharon Carter / Agent 13 Leslie Bibb -- Christine Everhart (rumored) Paul Bettany -- Vision Anthony Mackie -- Sam Wilson / Falcon
Captain America is convinced Bucky is innocent and sets off to find him before the CIA do.
head-- Bucky McCallister shitting himself in third grade, hiding it
Guests include their children Hank (Ed Helms) and Eleanor (Olivia Wilde), Charlotte's father Bucky (Alan Arkin) and sister Emma (Marisa Tomei), plus flatulent and forgetful aunt Fishy (June Squibb).
The two used to be "friends," but it's clear in the trailer that the Cap is more concerned with his loyalty to Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).