Buckshot Pattern

A pattern of multiple minute lesions, radiodensities, or cell clusters, likened to the innumerable pellets from a shotgun blast
Haematology Scattered subcutaneous aggregates of lymphocytes seen in nodular lymphoid hyperplasia
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I don't know if I blew the shot or if it was too thick for the buckshot pattern .
The complaint may be that groups look like a buckshot pattern, or they may be acceptable in size but in the wrong place.
This was absolutely consistent with the time it takes a human body to spin away from danger to it, and with the buckshot pattern entry wounds found on Tygon Walker.
Trigger press had turned into a game of "sights on, snatch-it-back-now," and my one-ragged-hole groups now looked like a buckshot pattern, often in the wrong place on the target.
Elmer Keith said that he tested thousands of shotguns for the War Department, and found only one that would make decent buckshot pattern at 50 yards (it was a '97 trench, incidentally).
The reasons for this include excessive recoil, a high degree of proficiency in operation, potential collateral damage from the buckshot pattern, and the limited effective range with buckshot.
030-inch constriction designed to produce tight 00 and 000 buckshot patterns.
Federal Premium's Tactical 12-gauge Buckshot ammunition delivers tight buckshot patterns without barrel alterations or aftermarket choke tubes.
The pattern is designed to expand one inch for every yard--pretty much the rate most buckshot patterns expand from shotguns.
From 30 to 50 yards, buckshot patterns are often inconsistent.