Buck Fever

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Acute coronary syndrome affecting out-of-shape hunters who get overly excited from sighting or shooting deer, or who overexert themselves dragging killed wild game, in particular male bucks, which have the biggest antlers, out of the woods
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Competition creates the same kind of high-pressure situations you'll encounter in the field, and learning how to deal with them will make you much less susceptible to buck fever.
The Red Eagles track record was impressive: from April 1977 to March 1988, the sixty-nine American MiG pilots flew 15,264 sorties and exposed nearly 6,000 aircrews to their first case of "buck fever" in a peaceful environment.
Even though I hadn't been plagued with buck fever for many years, when I passed up that first spike I just about shook out of my stand from buck fever!
THE LESSON: "If you're stricken with buck fever," said Larry, take a deep breath and focus on a specific spot on the animal's vital zone, not the animal as a whole.
A combination of experience and maturity cured that particular form of buck fever. I convinced myself if there were time for two fast shots, for sure there was time for one accurate shot.
I can provide new first-time hunters with a stable firing platform that hides all of their buck fever and fidgeting.
At that point the buck stood up, and that was when buck fever kicked into high gear.
(Buck fever has nothing on beard fever, I quickly learned).
I don't get buck fever. I don't get rattled, normally, when it comes to shooting, and besides, I had saved my best gun for last.
Most of us suffer from some level of buck fever, whether we admit it or not, and that meltdown-inducing mental state gets worse each season we don't kill.
Learning to shoot a bow in a way that the shot takes you by surprise is the best medicine I have ever found for buck fever.