Buck Fever

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Acute coronary syndrome affecting out-of-shape hunters who get overly excited from sighting or shooting deer, or who overexert themselves dragging killed wild game, in particular male bucks, which have the biggest antlers, out of the woods
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A combination of experience and maturity cured that particular form of buck fever.
Beginners don't seem to fall into this trap and are able to kill big deer because they don't get buck fever.
It's ideal for winning ribbons, but only accomplishes half of what is necessary to beat buck fever.
For me, this is where the germs of buck fever breed.
All of a sudden you sweat, shake, your heart jumps into your throat and you feel like the contents of your bladder are about to run down your leg or you exhibit some other wonderful rendition of buck fever.
Chalk it up to buck fever, cold muscles or bulky clothing, but we never shoot as well at game as we do in the backyard.
BUCK FEVER IS an undeniable element of the American gunning tradition.
This is buck fever (even if the deer is a doe), and nearly all hunters get it much more than they admit to.
Still, my epic case of buck fever aside, there are a couple lessons to learn here.