Buck Fever

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Acute coronary syndrome affecting out-of-shape hunters who get overly excited from sighting or shooting deer, or who overexert themselves dragging killed wild game, in particular male bucks, which have the biggest antlers, out of the woods
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In the GEA hypothesis, the visual comes into play as the precursor to Buck Fever.
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Chalk it up to buck fever, cold muscles or bulky clothing, but we never shoot as well at game as we do in the backyard.
Hunting lore has many examples of the strange malady known as buck fever.
I relive my worst case of buck fever almost every time I perch high in a treestand.
Still, my epic case of buck fever aside, there are a couple lessons to learn here.
I can provide new first-time hunters with a stable firing platform that hides all of their buck fever and fidgeting.
This is buck fever (even if the deer is a doe), and nearly all hunters get it much more than they admit to.
Stop that buck without causing alarm, and even your buck fever will have a difficult time spoiling your hunt.
I used to really get buck fever during the moment of truth and that equated into some pretty rough punches at the trigger when my pin hesitated in the sweet spot.
Bing, being a veteran hunter, couldn't believe the feeling of buck fever the giant immediately sent through him.