van Buchem, Francis Steven Peter

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van Buchem,

Francis Steven Peter, Dutch internist, 1897-1979.
van Buchem syndrome - an inherited skeletal dysplasia. Synonym(s): generalized cortical hyperostosis
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The accelerometer sensor of smart watches detects users' steps and counts them (Reeder & David, 2016); this sensor may provide feedback containing social comparisons and competition regarding physical activity, e.g., "you are doing great compared to your friends!" Buchem, Merceron, Kreutel, Haesner, and Steinert (2015) proposed extending a typical learning environment with the level of engagement made available through smart watches.
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As regards the use of e-portfolios to show evidence of learning, the platform has incorporated components typically associated with a PLE (Castaneda & Adell, 2013; Rodriguez-Illera, Rubio, Galvan, & Barbera, 2014; Siemens, 2007; Torres-Kompen, Buchem, & Attwell, 2011).