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, BSc
Abbreviation for Bachelor of Science (Baccalaureus Scientiae).


Abbreviation for:
Business Service Centre (NHS Wales)


Abbrev. for Bachelor of Science.

Bsc (MedSci)

Abbrev. for Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences).


Bachelor of Science.
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Beginning with his world famous Trout Table, then adding more tables as well as many other items over time, this collection has grown into one of the more popular collections at BSC.
And, the framework of the BSC provides a structured way for the team to work together -- with a tremendous amount of cross fertilization taking place as each element of the strategy becomes translated into the scorecard format.
To get its message out, the BSC is staffing a media desk to develop print and broadcast relationships and respond to media inquiries.
For example, researchers can manipulate common and unique performance measures in a BSC while holding everything else constant, and then they can observe any effect on performance-evaluation decisions.
Since adopting the BSC, we have experienced significant growth,' she added.
BSC, which makes a range of biscuits and baked snacks, has had a tumultuous history.
The bank modified and expanded the conventional four-perspective BSC framework to the following five: customer; financial outcomes; franchise growth and operational development; leadership and people development; and risk management.
In addition Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) has also selected BSC to perform heavy maintenance services.
The new product utilizes custom application software integrated into emerging telecom industry standard ATCA hardware platform technology to provide a highly scalable and cost efficient BSC solution.
Effective leaders, using the BSC approach and input from key individuals
The successful graduates were: Kerry Pedley, health visiting specialist practitioner - BSc (Hons) degree' Sara Jones, school health specialist practitioner - BSc (Hons) BSc (Hons) degree' Colleen Wolohan, district nursing specialist practitioner - BSc (Hons) degree' Charmaine Dafforn, district nursing specialist practitioner - Post-graduate Diploma' Sue Wills, district nursing specialist practitioner -BSc (Hons) degree' Dena Ross, district nursing specialist practitioner - BSc (Hons) degree.