Bryant sign

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Bry·ant sign

(brī'ănt sīn)
Lowering of axillary skin folds; seen in association with dislocation of shoulder.
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Bryant sign

Scrotal ecchymosis resulting from bleeding in the retroperitoneum.
Synonym: scrotal sign of Bryant See: Stabler sign
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Sir Thomas, English surgeon, 1828-1914.
Bryant ampulla - that portion of an artery on the proximal side of a ligature containing the clot, its upper boundary being marked by a slight constriction.
Bryant sign - in dislocation of the shoulder, an abnormal position of axillary folds occurs.
Bryant traction - traction upon the lower limb placed vertically, employed especially in fractures of the femur in children.
Bryant triangle - lines drawn on the body in fracture of the neck of the femur to determine upward displacement of the trochanter. Synonym(s): iliofemoral triangle
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