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Summary: A recent investigation by Synology has found that several users were under a ransomware attack, where admins' credentials were stolen by brute-force login attacks, and their data was encrypted as a result.
The challenge is Cyber Criminals are well aware that many of their targets still fail to employ a strong password policy and as such will "preload" their dictionary attacks for brute-force access with the combinations listed; which in turn means almost instant access to a substantial number of users personal data.
Apple devices running up-to iOS 8.1 are vulnerable to a brute-force cracking tool that includes a workaround for password-guess limits, the Register reported.
Shame 95 per cent of the teams try to clug their way out of it with brute-force.
Some software uses only the brute-force method, which tests every combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
Hiding under the Viper's taller, ridged hood is a first for the brute-force Dodge: variable valve timing.
It also has the ability to group events with commonalities, such as those involved in brute-force attacks, into a single event with more in-depth information.--CrossTec
In such cases, one has no alternative but to perform a brute-force search--examining each item in the repository to determine whether it matches the user's needs.
The Juniper vulnerability affects remote access VPNs using IKE, with pre-shared key authentication and allows an attacker to use a dictionary or brute-force attack to determine valid VPN usernames on NetscreenOS which is the first step to gaining access to the network
The pump-wavelength dependence was measured using two complimentary techniques; a brute-force comparison of the Raman gain at different pump wavelengths and a simpler, more elegant comparison of the asymmetry in the Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman gain at a fixed pump wavelength.
While Gao's new theory is promising, the brute-force computers have become so fast that the numerical approach is already beginning to succeed, Greene contends.
He ( explained the brute-force attack -  a method to gain access to anything that is password protected, as it tries various combinations of usernames and passwords again and again until it gets into the system - to ZDNet: "If you send your brute-force attack in one long string of inputs, it'll process all of them, and bypass the erase data feature."