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Thomas, British physician, 1858-1937. See: Brushfield spots, Brushfield-Wyatt disease.
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The effect of the Order will be to prohibit any vehicle from entering, exiting or proceeding in the in the Southbound carriageway of Bishopsgate between its junctions with Primrose Street and Brushfield Street.
Brushfield's Yellow - double white with creamy ruffled centres.
The most common ophthalmological finding was Hypertelorism in 31.7% cases followed by Cataract and Nystagmus 3.2% cases separately, Brushfield spot in 2.4% patients and Strabismus in 2.4% cases.
Besides these, the other common features include an upward slant to the eye, flat nasal bridge, short neck, abnormally shaped ears, and white spots on the iris of the eye (called Brushfield spots) (6).
The differential diagnosis of iris mammillations is from Lisch nodules, iris nevi, iris melanoma, Brushfield flecks, retinoblastoma, and the Cogan-Reese (ICE) syndrome [1-7].
Brushfield, "The role of the CA3 hippocampal subregion inspatial memory: a process oriented behavioral assessment," Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, vol.
A ponte nasal e plana, as orelhas sao de implantacao baixa e possuem uma aparencia dobrada tipica, os olhos exibem manchas de Brushfield ao redor da margem da iris.
Comparison of physical features in children with Down syndrome and hypothyroidism * Down syndrome Head Brachycephaly, intermediate fontanelle Tongue Protruding Nasal bridge Underdeveloped Eyes Upslanted palpebral fissures, epicanthic folds, Brushfield spots (in blue eyes) Neck Short Heart Murmur (mainly atrioventricular canal defect) Abdomen Umbilical hernia Neuromuscular Hypotonia Skin Dry Extremities Short hands and feet, transverse palmar crease, clinodactyly, wide sandal gaps, hyperextensible joints Hypothyroidism Head Normal Tongue Large Nasal bridge Underdeveloped Eyes Normal Neck Short Heart Murmur (often nonspecific) Abdomen Umbilical hernia Neuromuscular Hypotonia Skin Dry Extremities Short hands and feet * Adapted from Coleman.
The images in Figures 5(a)-5(e) show that the nitrogen-doped ZnS Camellia Brushfield Yellowlike structure comprises numerous ZnS particles (petals) and the nitrogen-doped ZnS crystallites are self-organized into spherical assemblies, or a Camellia Brushfield Yellow-like morphology, with a puffy appearance.