Brush Cytology

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A study of cells obtained by brushing an epithelial surface—e.g., bronchi, GI tract, bladder


the study of cells, their origin, structure, function and pathology.

aspiration biopsy cytology (ABC)
the microscopic study of cells obtained from superficial or internal lesions by suction through a fine needle.
brush cytology
examination of cells obtained from a mucosal surface using a cytological brush.
exfoliative cytology
microscopic examination of cells desquamated from a body surface or lesion as a means of detecting malignancy and microbiological changes, to measure hormonal levels, etc. Such cells may be obtained by such procedures as aspiration, washing, smear and scraping, and the technique may be applied to vaginal secretions, urine, abdominal fluid, prostatic secretion, etc.
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1) Unfortunately, ERCP-guided biopsies and brush cytology of biliary strictures can provide a definitive diagnosis of malignant disease in less than half of patients.
Nasal brush cytology may be used as a simple and cheap method for the evaluation of the toxic effects of DEE on the nasal mucosa and as a biomarker in combination with epidemiologic surveys.
The sensitivity of brush cytology is usually around 50%, while the specificity approaches 100%.
Problem # 24 - Supply and catheters brush cytology for bronchoscope,