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Alexander, U.S. surgeon, 1901-1969. See: Brunschwig operation.
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CONTACT: Dan Kubera, Director - Media Relations and Corporate Communications of Brunswick Corporation, +1-847-735-4617, daniel.
Situated in the Coastal Region of the Carolinas, Brunswick County must often contend with tropical storms and hurricanes.
CONTACT: Daniel Kubera, Director - Media Relations and Corporate Communications of Brunswick Corporation, +1-847-735-4617, daniel.
The Company has currently secured 100% interest in a total of seven mineral exploration and development properties in the Province of New Brunswick and 2000 square kilometres of permitted land in Liberia, West Africa.
Hardie added that Brunswick Bowling & Billiards expects that this action will be largely transparent to customers, as Brunswick will continue to offer both its Brunswick and Vulcan brands to the worldwide bowling center market.
26 presentation at the 1,800 megawatt Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant, located two miles north of Southport along the Cape Fear River, Andy White, President and CEO of GE's nuclear business, presented plaques to Brunswick Plant Vice President Neil Gannon and several of the site's managers, recognizing the reactors' inclusion on GE's 2003 BWR Honor Roll.
We believe being selected for follow-on contracts, such as this at NCTLD Brunswick, is a strong indicator of RRC's performance and our competitive position.
TheTreviso Shuffleboard features the same beautifully arched legs, unique silhouette and stylishly rich espresso finish that made the Brunswick Treviso billiards table a classic-contemporary work of art.
The Letter sets out the general terms pursuant to which it proposed that Brunswick acquires the right to earn 100% interest from Explor in the Property.
Matrix Development Group announced that property manager Michele Cade has been awarded the prestigious Valuable Service Award for her work with New Brunswick City Market.
Brunswick Instrumentation has announced that Baldwin Classic Thermo-Electric Coolers and Baldwin Electronic Water Condensers, used worldwide as part of gas analysis systems to remove moisture from gas samples, are now available in the UK only through Sussex-based Brunswick Instrumentation.
Magistro, who was appointed superintendent in 2003 (and has been a district administrator for 27 years), asked East Brunswick Board of Education attorney Martin R.