total pelvic exenteration

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to·tal pel·vic ex·en·ter·a·tion

removal of the urinary bladder, distal ureter, vagina, uterus, adnexa, rectum, anus, and adjacent lymph nodes; renders a colostomy and urinary diversion or bladder substitution necessary.
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A coinage from Dr. Brunchwig’s pelvic surgery service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institution (New York City) for radical surgery of a ‘frozen pelvis’, which consists of total pelvic exenteration with en bloc resection of the bladder, urethra, rectum, anus, and supporting muscles and ligaments, together with the reproductive organs. A urinary stoma and a colostomy stoma are created to collect waste
Indications It is performed when there is no opportunity to perform a less extensive operation, because of the location and size of the cancer, e.g., stage IV cancer of the uterine cervix, urinary bladder or colorectum
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total pelvic exenteration

Bruschwig procedure Gynecologic surgery A 'heroic' surgery for extensive cervical CA that persists after regional RT and/or prior total hysterectomy; because of its high M&M, TPE is reserved for biopsy-proven recurrences of tumor confined to the central pelvis, in a Pt believed capable of psychologically and physically coping with the stomas necessitated by the operation
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Alexander, U.S. surgeon, 1901-1969.
Brunschwig operation - Synonym(s): total pelvic exenteration
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