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Alexander, U.S. surgeon, 1901-1969. See: Brunschwig operation.
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Brunschwig refers back to classical Chinese painting, which stands in stark contrast to the window-canvas of Renaissance perspectival theory, with its convention of keeping the surface affixed to the armature of an easel.
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This technique was first described in 1948 by Brunschwig in a patient with advanced cervical cancer and included total resection of pelvic viscera (bladder, uterus and rectum) ended with a terminal colostomy and urinary conduit [1].
New lighting, fabrics, wall coverings, and carpets were chosen for specific areas, although the intricate original wallpapers by Brunschwig, Kneedler-Fauchere, and Rose Cumming hung decades ago are all in good condition and remain as visual jewels throughout the spaces.
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After 2h of incubation (37[degrees]C, 5% C[O.sub.2]) the upper compartment was removed and the filter was fixed and stained with Differential QuikStaining Kit (Polyscience, Brunschwig, Basel, Switzerland).
Alexander Brunschwig in 1948 described the first pelvic exenterations in advanced carcinoma of the cervix [2,3].
Alexander Brunschwig at Memorial Hospital for use in recurring or persistent gynecological malignancy, primarily for cervical cancer but more rarely for vulvar, endometrial, and ovarian cancer of the central pelvis [8].