Brunner's gland

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Brun·ner's gland

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1] Its occurrence is usually secondary to tumors, lipoma, Brunner's gland hamartomatous polyps or adenomas.
Intussusception of the duodenum - report of a case due to brunner's gland hyperplasia.
Brunner's gland hamartomas of the duodenum mimic the radiological and endoscopic features of GIST.
Brunner's gland hyperplasia is usually asymptomatic and an incidental finding during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.
Here we report a rare case of hemorrhagic shock caused by intestinal bleeding from Brunner's gland hyperplasia.
Endoscopic resection of a large Brunner's gland adenoma.
Quantitative study of Brunner's glands in the human duodenal submucosa.
Endoscopic injection and polypectomy for bleeding Brunner's gland hamartoma: case report and expanded literature review.
Carcinoma of duodenal bulb arising from the Brunner's gland.
Brunner's gland hyperplasia, an unusual cause of hemorrhagic shock.
Perinatal development of Brunner's glands in the rat: morphometrical study.