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Johann C., Swiss anatomist, 1653-1727. See: Brunner glands.
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(Alliance News) - Brunner Investment Trust PLC on Thursday hiked its dividend after reporting an improvement in net asset value in the first half of its current financial year.
Lincoln International, a global mid-market investment bank, has said that it has strengthened its global Automotive & Truck Group with the appointment of Joerg Brunner as a director in its Frankfurt office.
CHICAGO -- APRIL 8, 2019 -- Logical Position (LP) is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Kevin Brunner to director of sales operations.
Nonneoplastic duodenal epithelial polyps include Brunner gland hyperplastic nodule/polyps (also known as Brunner gland hyperplasia), Brunner gland hamartomas, Brunner gland cysts, ectopic gastric mucosa, pancreatic heterotopia, hyperplastic polyps, inflammatory polyps, and hamartomatous polyps.
Prosecutor Kate Brunner said Waszkiewicz, of Derby, was "desperate" for money and had tried to sell his dog to raise cash.
Launched in 1989 as a small design firm, Brunner credits a willingness to embrace technology for its rise from relatively unknown to national prominence.
In the sheet metal competition, the winner was third-year apprentice Matthew Brunner, an employee of Portland-based ProTemp Associates, while third-year apprentice Calvin Nail, an employee of Hybrid Heating & Cooling in Cornelius, took home top honors in the HVAC division.
The Fourth Circuit has adopted the Second Circuit's test from Brunner v.
Brunner's gland adenomas are largely benign tumours located predominately in the first part of the duodenum.
Alois Brunner, an Austrian SS officer found responsible for the deportation of 125,500 European Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II, died in a Syrian jail cell in 2001, according to a report published in France.
Brunner's glands exist in the submucosa of the duodenum, typically in the duodenal bulb and the second portion of the duodenum proximal to the sphincter of Oddi.
Brunner's glands were first described in 1688 by Johann Brunner, a Swiss anatomist.