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Johann C., Swiss anatomist, 1653-1727. See: Brunner glands.
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We are pleased to see Connecticuts elected officials standing up for their constituents and asking EPA to take action to address the pollution that comes from the Brunner Island coal-fired power plant.
CHESHIRE chemical company Brunner Mond fell sharply into the red last year, its latest accounts have revealed.
Brunner allegedly admitted taking the money from the bank in different amounts during a prolonged period of time while working at the bank.
It's going to stimulate interest in our team, and in our league,'' Brunner said.
Both Connecticut and Delaware filed Good Neighbor petitions stating that the Brunner Island power plant, located in Pennsylvania, is interfering with the downwind state's ability to comply with the ozone (or smog) safeguards in the Clean Air Act.
Alois Brunner, an Austrian SS officer found responsible for the deportation of 125,500 European Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II, died in a Syrian jail cell in 2001, according to a report published in France.
Patrick Brunner reported at the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology.
com)-- Collier County School Board candidate John Brunner announced that he has suspended his campaign for the District 2 seat, and is proud to endorse Louise Penta.
Zuroff, who called Brunner Eichmann's "right-hand man," said the Nazi official was responsible for deporting nearly 130,000 Jews to death camps, and once described his greatest regret in a magazine interview as not having murdered more Jews.
WE'RE going back to school north of the Tees with a peek into The Gazette's archive of photographs from Brunner School, Billingham.
The first of these to arrive is Jad Smith's fascinating new book on John Brunner, and if Smith's approach in John Brunner represents the quality of the series as a whole, "Modern Masters of Science Fiction" will undoubtedly prove an important resource for scholars of sf and fantasy in the coming decades.