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Ludwig von, German neurologist, 1858-1916. See: Bruns ataxia, Bruns nystagmus.

Brunner syndrome

A form of X-linked, non-dysmorphic, mild mental retardation (OMIM:300615), in which affected males have borderline mental retardation and abnormal behaviour, including poor impulse control. Female carriers have normal intelligence and behaviour.

Molecular pathology
Caused by defects of MAOA, which encodes a mitochondrial enzyme that catalyses the oxidative deamination of biogenic (e.g., dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and other neurotransmitters) and xenobiotic amines.
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Brune & Richard also hires lawyers on a case-by-case basis rather than the typical practice of having all attorneys as part of a full time staff of partners and associates.
The book's chapters reflect the campaigns run by Rainforest Action Network, the organization Brune directs.
Brune said: "By showing that a link exists between non-verbal expressivity and the inability to mentalise, we hope to better specify the factors that actually guide and motivate patients' interpersonal nonverbal behaviour".
We've cured polio, put a man on the moon and decoded the human genome," writes Brune.
Therefore, the phantom VOCs probably hadn't been produped by human activity, says Brune.
Direct action allows us to symbolically challenge business as usual and to crystallize an issue into its essential conflict," says Brune.
The painting that dominates the town - and the book - is a realistic depiction of "The Death of Brune," a native son who became an Imperial marshal and was murdered in Avignon during the Restoration.
Maybe the person has known someone who had cancer, but they didn't feel they could afford to give to the American Cancer Society earlier in their lives," says Brune.
The BMB technology was developed by Brune, a doctoral candidate in the UA's Ralph E.
Kuch comments that work by Brune and his colleagues suggests a way to tailor the magnetic anisotropy and other properties of magnetic materials very precisely.
The task of crafting dolls for children is especially meaningful for Brune, who was arrested in July after investigators discovered she had claimed $17,000 in welfare checks for two fictitious children.
com), a global provider of commodity trading and risk management solutions, today announced the addition of Tom Brune in the position of Director, Natural Gas Solutions.