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Ludwig von, German neurologist, 1858-1916. See: Bruns ataxia, Bruns nystagmus.
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Brunner syndrome

A form of X-linked, non-dysmorphic, mild mental retardation (OMIM:300615), in which affected males have borderline mental retardation and abnormal behaviour, including poor impulse control. Female carriers have normal intelligence and behaviour.

Molecular pathology
Caused by defects of MAOA, which encodes a mitochondrial enzyme that catalyses the oxidative deamination of biogenic (e.g., dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and other neurotransmitters) and xenobiotic amines.
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Felibien develops Le Brun's lexicon of emotion with shades of feeling (the Greek woman's inclination and pleasure) absent from the artist's classification.
"The response of the world on this issue reflects the same trend of limited influence and a predisposition not to intervene," said Brun, as translated by Haaretz.
This study draws on Brun's writings--both poetry and prose--to examine the great political developments in Europe of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries as seen through the eyes of a well-read, well-connected, and well-traveled woman.
No que se refere a colopexia laparoscopica, foram relatadas puncao de baco durante a introducao da agulha de Veress, assim como enfisema de omento (BRUN et al., 2004a).
"It s clearly under pretty significant selling pressure," said Le Brun.
Before joining ECO Business-Immobilien, Brun had held a position at Strategic Value Partners (Deutschland) Gmbh as a director of real estate investments.
Speaking to local newswire RB-Borsen today, Brun called the summit a "once in a lifetime opportunity" for Vestas to promote its wind-power technology and said the company can do that by live demonstrations of how the methods work across the value chain.
Le Brun seems to move effortlessly between different styles of work, but horses crop up frequently in everything from the early 1980s onwards.
Le Brun does not exclude considerations relating to profane literature, where the case histories of casuistry contribute to the development of the novel, or pedagogic issues arising from Fenelon's Telemaque.
NORWEGIAN songstress Ane Brun is already a household name in her homeland, where this album went straight into the charts at No 1.rliament9.
"There are obvious applications since this adhesive works on wet surfaces," said bacteriologist Yves Brun, co-leader the study.
Brun (social work, Wright State U.) explains how research, theory and practice work together in evaluating the efficiency, effectiveness and empathy of social service agencies and institutions through reflective and procedural journal activities.