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Ernst W. von, physiologist in Hapsburg Empire, 1819-1892. See: Brücke muscle, Brücke tunic, Brücke-Bartley phenomenon.
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Brucke's muscle pulls the ciliary body forward, decreasing the tension applied to the annular pad by the tenacular ligament of the ciliary body (BAYON et al., 2007; KERN & COLITZ, 2013; WILLIAMS, 2012).
Atlantic Brucke is an invite-only organization that counts senior politicians, diplomats, and influential businesspeople among its members.
For the third year running, the firm has taken on two manufacturing engineering students from Berufskolleg Werther Brucke, a college of vocational training and higher professional education in Wuppertal.
Um die historisch bedingte Konfliktlage nachhaltiger anzugehen und eine Brucke in die Zukunft zu schlagen, sollte die Geschichte der nuklearen Entsorgung zum Gegenstand von Forschung, Dokumentation sowie kontinuierlicher inkludierender offentlicher Kommunikation und Bildung gemacht werden.
(9.) Rose-Carol Washton Long, "Brucke and German Expressionism: Reception Reconsidered," in Brucke: The Birth of Expressionism in Dresden and Berlin, 1905-1913, ed.
The German expressionist group organized in 1905 in Dresden, called Die Brucke (The bridge), develops a pictorial poetics equivalent to the fauvist one (to which it is contemporary and has close ties), based on the mental and physiological force of the act of creation, the recording of the psychic wave, of the spontaneous emotion, of the artist's temperament.
No romance de Emine Sevgi Ozdamar A ponte do chifre dourado [Die Brucke vom Goldenen Horn] (1999) sobrepoem-se, entre outras, as grandes cidades de Istambul e Berlim, de modo que um movimento urbano translocal vai resultar para a protagonista em um contexto transnacional e ao mesmo tempo transarea, isto e, que ultrapassa tanto as fronteiras nacionais como as fronteiras entre distintas areas.