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Ernst W. von, physiologist in Hapsburg Empire, 1819-1892. See: Brücke muscle, Brücke tunic, Brücke-Bartley phenomenon.
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Vic Young is working closely with tutors from Berufskolleg Werther Brucke to ensure the work the students are undertaking will complement their academic studies in Germany, as well as give them experience of working in England.
Some collect Die Brucke artists, others are drawn to the cooler aesthetic of Schlemmer or the accurate, perfect line of Moholy-Nagy or Lissitzky.
After the group called Die Brucke squanders in 1913, the expressionist project of psychic quest is continued in a more spiritualist and abstract formula by the group founded in 1911 in Munich by Kandinsky and Franz Marc, denominated Der blaue Reiter (The blue knight), as a symbol of the idea of search and inner transformation.
Durch die Namensgebung wird in symbolischer Weise eine Brucke geschlagen von der Antike zur Gegenwart.
After a hearty breakfast, we enjoyed a guided walking tour of this elegant town, admired its magnificent Gothic cathedral Dom St Peter and strolled across the Steinerne Brucke - an ancient stone bridge built more than 800 years ago.
Before the woods they had visited the Brucke Museum, walked the aisles past the outlines of agonized and startled faces, the bright reds of Schmidt-Rotluff.
Thus, the exhibition examines the reception of Cezanne, Gauguin, and Van Gogh, the Neo-Impressionists with Signac, the Fauves with Matisse and the Cubists with Picasso in relation to the German Expressionist artists of Die Brucke (The Bridge) and Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider).
Photo: Petar Velev, BBLF Board Member and CredoWeb Manager; George Ruitchev, BBLF Executive Director, Iravan Hira, BBLF Chairman, Ahmet Ramazan Erdogan, TUSKON Executive Board Member, Angel Angelov, Bulgariaas Consulate General in Istanbul, Maxim Behar, BBLF Board Member and M3 Communications Manager; Hans Brucke, BNP Paribas Bulgaria Director, Gilbert McCaul,BBLF Board Member and partner at KPMG Bulgaria
Da mein Vater nicht mehr uber die Brucke in meine Welt gelangen kann, muss ich hinuber zu ihm" (AK 11).
23), and German expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's The Painters of the Brucke (pg.