Brucella abortus

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Bru·cel·la a·bor·'tus

a bacterial species that causes abortion in cows (bovine brucellosis), mares, and sheep, undulant fever in humans, and a wasting disease in chickens.
Synonym(s): abortus bacillus

Brucella abortus.

Bru·cel·la a·bor·tus

(brū-sel'lă ă-bōr'tŭs)
A bacterial species that causes undulant fever.
Synonym(s): Bang bacillus.


Sir David, English surgeon, 1855-1931.
Brucella abortus - infectious bacteria causing abortions in cattle, sheep, mares; causes undulant fever in man and a wasting disease in chickens. Synonym(s): abortus bacillus; Bang bacillus
Brucella - a genus of encapsulated, nonmotile bacteria (family Brucellaceae) causing infection of the genital organs, the mammary gland, and the respiratory and intestinal tracts.
brucellosis - an infectious disease caused by Brucella, and transmitted by direct contact with diseased animals or through ingestion of infected meat, milk, or cheese. Synonym(s): febris undulans; Malta fever; Mediterranean fever; undulant fever


a genus of gram-negative rods in seven species and several biotypes. The cause of many serious diseases in animals, including brucellosis.

Brucella abortus
a short rod or coccobacillus which causes brucellosis in cattle and horses, and is a serious zoonosis. Two strains of reduced virulence and used for vaccination in cattle are Strain 19 and Strain 45/20.
Brucella canis
a similar organism to the other brucellae except that it is inhibited in growth by a 10% concentration of CO2, a cultural enhancement for the other species. Causes brucellosis in dogs.
Brucella melitensis
a rod so short that it is easily mistaken for a coccus with the same characteristics as the other brucellae. Causes brucellosis in goats and Malta fever in humans, a serious zoonosis. Rev1 strains are used for vaccination but have zoonotic risk.
Brucella neotomae
found only in the desert wood rat in the USA.
Brucella ovis
has staining and cultural characteristics similar to the other brucellae. Causes brucellosis in rams.
Brucella suis
a typical brucella in morphology and cultural and staining characteristics. Causes brucellosis in pigs and is a significant zoonosis.
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